The first mobile application with cultural themes in the State of Colima: Cultura Colima

22 de septiembre, 2015 | Blog | Desarrollo Móvil

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A few days ago I launched at the Ministry of Culture of Colima, the first mobile application with artistic and cultural themes in the State of Colima. This is historic. Since there is a history, much less present on the development of this technology in this area. In turn, as a government agency, it is one of the few that has its own mobile application. The development went to my office. Both design and implementation code. Using PhoneGap/Cardova and many more technologies. Now available for free on App Store, for iPhone and iPad.

As features and functionality of the application:

* Categories for activity.
*Cultural agenda.
*Courses and workshops.
* Calls.
* Interactive map of cultural spaces.
* Directory officials.
* Transparency Portal.
* Finder information.